🛍 Instagram’s Favorite Apron 🌟 WE SHIP WORLDWIDE 🌍

🛍 Instagram’s Favorite Apron 🌟 WE SHIP WORLDWIDE 🌍

The Salon

As seen in Architectural Digest here.



HAIR is dedicated to providing an exclusive client experience. Formed out of founder Daniel Moon’s desire to grow his practice as an autonomous color artist, HAIR specializes in creating distinctive looks based on individuals and lifestyle.

Recognizing the relationship between beauty, fashion, art, music, and film, HAIR aims to create a cultural gathering place that is a contemporary take on the traditional salon.

Daniel’s progressive ideas about creating a collaborative workspace has attracted various international hair stylists. With backgrounds in film, video and editorial, our stylists bring a current perspective and distinct vision to HAIR.

The combination of innovative color + cuts along with thoughtful curation of music, custom merchandise and styling products make this an unparalleled destination.

HAIR is based out of a loft space in DTLA Arts District. The privacy of the space allows us to engage with clients on an intimate level and gives us the time and space to provide customized services.